Special Deals for Christmas

Christmas promotion for all dolls! Discount+Gift! Buy more and get more!

Read the content carefully when placing an order and don't forget to use the coupon.❤️️❤️️

We offer the following price discounts:

Customized Doll: vagina can be free upgraded to the detachable vagina. (Product unit price is over $600)

158cm C cup 158cm F Cup, 163cm, 165cm, 170cm-173cm undiscounted dolls can enjoy free customized standing feet.

undiscounted dolls over 153cm can enjoy 10% off. (Code: KM153)

We provide the following gifts:

Buy 1 Doll to get an EXTRA FREE 1 Pair of Eyes + 1 Wig.

Buy 1 Torso Masturbation Doll to get an EXTRA FREE 1 Pair of Eyes + 1 Wig.

Buy 2 Torso Masturbation Dolls to get 1 FREE Ass Masturbation Toy+ 1 Pair of Eyes + 1 Wig.

Buy 2 Dolls to get 1 EXTRA FREE HEAD + 2 Pairs of Eyes + 2 Wigs. Free Doll Head is available in stock in the LA warehouse.

Here at kingmansiondoll, we provide a genuine guarantee + super discount price + free shipping service.

Chrismas Dolls: Lucien 158cm C cup, Qearl 158cm F Cup, Rin 165cm, Brooke 140cm, Renee 165cm, Morgan 158cm C Cup.

Recommend: On Sale Dolls, Yves 148cm, Maya 161cm, Sandara 163cm, Paula 166cm, Valeria 166cm, Lydia 161cm, Gari 165cm, Christina 163cm, Torso Masturbation Toy, Torso Masturbation Toy, Ass Masturbation Toy, Ass Masturbation Toy.

Tips: Customization of standing feet and removable vagina are free, you only need to click the non-standing feet or removable vagina option when placing an order, and you can get a free customized standing feet. When we process the order, we will check the discount plan to confirm the final product to be shipped. As long as your order meets the conditions of the promotion, you can definitely get the right products and gifts.