• Head: Tilting angle of the head left right connot exceed 30 degree.


  • Hand: Upper arm cannot be raised to the side more than 80 degrees, and the front raised more than 75 degrees.


  • Fore arm activity angle connot exceed 60 degree.Left right rotatioin connot exceed 45 degree and wrist activity connot exceed 65 degree.


  • Waist: Hinge can't be bent forward but backward.Angle is about 40-50 degree. Over-bend or incorrect bending direction likely lead to broken waist due to fractured hinge.
  • Hips: Moving angle is about 180 degree as the demonstration.


  • Legs: Thugn connot raise more than 70 degree to the side, connot raise more than 100 degree to the front.


  • Feet: Lower leg connot bend more than 45 degree from all side, ankle connot bend more than 45 degree to the front and back.