Discount Codes

We offer 10% discount for new customers. If you are sure you want to buy the doll, please use the correct coupon code before placing the order.

140cm/145cm/153cm/158Ccm/158Fcm/163cm/165cm/170cm/173cm doll represents height, and the letters and numbers behind the "-" symbol represent discount codes.

For example, "A" wants to buy a sex doll of 158cm, C cup, and KM158C is its discount code. Use the corresponding coupon according to the height attribute of the doll you want to buy. If you still have questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

140cm doll- KM140

145cm doll- KM145

153cm doll- KMD153

158Ccm doll- KM158C

158Fcm doll- KM158F

163cm doll- KM163

165cm doll- KM165

170cm/173cm doll- KM170