Why choose from Kingmansion?

Brand history

Kingmansion owned an Amazon store in 2013, and its product sales and popularity rank among the top 50 Amazon adults. Our products and customer service have always received good feedback from Amazon customers. (In August 2020, the Amazon platform banned the sale of sex dolls, so it may not be possible to verify the existence of our Amazon store)
Kingmansion registered the brand in 2019, so we continue to develop adult products. Now we have a sex doll, male masturbators, vibrators, and other products. is the only official website approved by us.

Since we started to promote sex dolls, we have found that the popularity of sex dolls has been greatly improved. People have realized that these products can be used as suitable relaxation tools when they need to be released. Then some people also will be confused: How should I choose dolls? Is the purchase channel credible? expensive? Material safety?

For those who don't know how to choose and buy dolls, what I want to say is that your best choice is Kingmansion. In this case, I have to list our advantages. First of all, we choose TPE to make the doll material. Why would we choose TPE instead of high-grade silicone? We encountered many customers asking this question during the sale of a sex doll on Amazon. Our answer is that the cost is moderate and the materials are good. The purpose of considering cost is to enable more customers to afford the price and prevent those who give up buying what they want because of the high price. The material is good. When our product engineers researched and screened the materials, they found that the finished products made by TPE and high-grade silicone are not much different, such as the touch, durability, and safety of the finished products. The price of the doll is moderate and the material is good, so popular is inevitable. Secondly, in order to achieve real appearance, the doll's facial makeup is designed by a makeup artist, and the fingers and toes have been groomed. Finally, there is a steel frame inside the doll's body, which can make the posture you want, such as dog crawling. There will be an instruction manual in the doll box to explain the range of movement of the skeleton. The skeleton of the doll will be constantly updated to make the skeleton more flexible and reduce weight.

All Kingmansion dolls will not have any sensitive words on the outside of the box, so your privacy is protected. Dolls are usually delivered free of charge without paying customs fees.

We are still constantly developing new types of dolls, look forward to it!

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