Why is there sex? Are sex dolls useful to you? This content you need to understand

In the natural environment, people's essential needs basically include food, clothing, housing and transportation. Food is the most important point, other needs and second only to it. After the basic life needs, sex life is the most demanded. This is vital to the physical and mental health of adults.

Sexual life is a must for every adult, and it is used to relax the body or delay aging. If you do not have sex for a long time, it will be detrimental to the various functions of the body. It will not only cause diseases, but also make your sexual function decline.

Modern medical research shows: Proper sex life is very helpful to prevent brain aging and promote metabolism, as well as help enhance memory. The secretion of testosterone in men increases, and testosterone can increase the ability of the bone marrow, thereby making the body muscle developed and reducing the storage of body fat. For women, it can enhance the body's resistance and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. During sex, the human body secretes a substance called amine polyphenols, which can relieve pain, speed up blood circulation, and reduce the occurrence of dysmenorrhea. There is a substance in semen called semen cytoplasmin, which can kill a variety of bacteria, so sexual behavior can also prevent a variety of gynecological diseases. According to statistics, the middle-aged people have no sex , you will suffer from different degrees of depression and mental illness. The death of a spouse is an important reason for accelerating the aging of middle-aged and elderly people.

One study that had a 10 year follow-up reported that men who had frequent orgasms (defined as two or more a week) had a 50 percent lower mortality risk than those who had sex less often. Therefore, this study confirmed that sex can extend your life.

 Sex can relieve stress, relax people and promote health
During sex, hormones will be released, so that our body will enter a relaxed state. This reaction can continue for several hours until the hormone levels in the entire system return to normal. Enjoying sex with your lover in a romantic atmosphere is the best way to reduce stress. You can vent through sex. When psychological pressure makes people tense, there is a headache. Sex has a certain relaxing effect.

Harmonious sex can change the activities of body organs, such as stable breathing, enhanced ventilation, the development and utilization of the gastrointestinal, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems, which can improve human health; sex makes people confident and cheerful, and maintain good health Attitude to promote mental health. In anthropology, human mental health is more important than physical health.

 Sex can enhance confidence and prevent inferiority complex
If you reach an orgasm in your normal sex life, you will be more likely to get love from your sexual partner. You will feel energetic and self-confidence will increase. After the incident, there will often be a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and a positive outlook on life. And powerful. When encountering something that makes you anxious, please find a proper way to vent it, otherwise it will affect your mind and body.

Happy couples are the best couples, parents and friends. In other words, a good sex life makes people a good couple, good parents and good friends. A happy family will have a complete sense of belonging.

 Sexual stimulation accelerates metabolism
Regular sex life can not only prevent waste of the reproductive system, but also prevent waste of musculoskeletal body. When the secretion of sex hormones in the body is strong, the blood circulation grows, and the nutrients in the blood are transported to the whole body, which can make all parts of the body, especially the skin, the largest, making it more delicate and smooth.

 Sex promotes calorie loss, helps prevent obesity and stay slim
Sex helps burn calories. According to surveys, 30 minutes of sex can burn 200 calories, which can make people lose excess fat easily and maintain a slim, attractive body.

Sex is not necessarily the best fitness exercise, but it is certainly the most enjoyable exercise.

The above mentioned are not all the benefits, but just a few points. The ultimate goal is to tell all men or women not to be shy about sex, instead you will get an unexpected sense of happiness.

For men who are busy with work for a long time, it may be difficult to find a suitable girlfriend. Fortunately, with the rapid development of the sex doll market, many people will regard this doll as a sexual partner or as a substitute for real women. Whether it is a physical store or an online store, the dolls are very different, with different materials and prices, which gives people more choices.