Why are the prices of dolls so different? The relationship between price and quality

There is no doubt that all products have different prices. In most people's perception, there is an inevitable relationship between price and quality. Is it really the case?

The Products on the Kingmansion website are also quite different. You can see that there are 100cm, 140cm, 158cm, 165cm, 173cm, and other height sex dolls, but the price difference is quite big. Then, is there a relation between price and quality? What I do know is that there is a relationship. Silicon expensive dolls are good, of course, because the cost of materials is higher than TPE. Different manufacturers have different ways of making them.

For example, Two sellers are selling 158cm sex dolls, one with large breasts for more than small ones. big cup r or taller dolls require a lot more material than a small cup or smaller dolls, and there is a big difference in shipping costs depending on the weight, so these factors are taken into account in the pricing. Of course, the brand effect is also indispensable.

Cheap price: poor quality?

Our sex dolls aren't expensive. Everyone can afford them. Due to the material, the price of TPE and silicone dolls is quite different, but we will not ignore the whole production process, product quality, and safety issues. All sex dolls are guaranteed to be a good value for money. Our products are tested, which means that no one has to worry about whether they are poisonous or not.

The sex world of sex dolls has become increasingly trendy. Silicone or TPE are similar in appearance and tactility. TPE sex dolls are now well known and well-received by more and more people. The details are very realistic.

Whether you need a cheap sex doll or an expensive sex doll, we can provide it for you. All dolls are shipped free to your address.