What are some sexual positions you can try? See what I said

Having sex with lifelike sex dolls is a good choice for couples or singles who want to explore but are shy. This is also a very suitable masturbation toy that can make your sex life more vivid.If you have a sex doll and are looking for a different experiment, please try some of the methods I mentioned below. While trying more poses, you also need to be careful not to be too rough with your sex doll. Please do so within her physical range to avoid damaging the skeleton joints.

By Back(Bent)

This is very simple and sexy, you can insert the doll's vagina or anus without any hindrance. Place the doll in front of you with her back to you and make sure you can hold the doll from behind, then stand near the bed, table or chair, etc. After adjusting the position, let the doll bend over on the bed or chair. The curved posture is the main point. Avoid rubbing the doll with sharp objects to prevent skin damage.

Yoga Pose

Put one leg of the sex doll on your shoulder and keep the other leg on the ground or bed. This will ensure that you get an extremely comfortable feeling, because you can insert sex doll deeper and give you a stronger orgasm.


If you want to enter the sex doll in a more private way, you can try cuddling. Let the doll lie sideways on the bed or floor. Bend the doll's arms, and then bend her legs to an appropriate angle to maintain balance and raise the legs. When you are lying with her, this allows you to pierce the doll from behind. Some dolls may be heavier. If you don’t want to move her around, this is a good try.


This refers to the need to find a solid support. Leaning against the wall is a very stable choice, and it is not difficult to do. Stand the doll against the wall, you can do it in the bathroom or balcony. To make sure she doesn't slip and fall anywhere, it might be easier to do this in the corner. You can lift her legs to penetrate her vagina or anus easily. If there is a large height difference, you can choose not to try.


This position will surely ensure an amazing orgasm. All you have to do is to make the doll kneel on the bed or floor and make sure the doll's upper body is facing down. In this position, raise her arms slightly to keep her balanced. Open the doll's legs from behind and insert it. Unless you have something to protect her knees, don't try it lightly, because excessive friction will damage her skin.


Let your doll sit in the armchair and move her so that she sits sideways in the armchair. Put her legs on the armrests and lean her on the chair. Close to the doll's lower body, as if you are sitting on her legs, attach yourself to the doll to achieve smooth penetration.


This position requires a prop, stool or exercise ball. The easiest way is to use a footrest. Make the sex doll sit on a stool, then put her down. If you decide to try a fitness ball, you only need to fix the doll in place and add the fitness ball. Raise your legs at a 90-degree angle, move the doll to one side, straighten your arms back, and bend your knees. After maintaining the posture, place the exercise ball under her back. This is a bit complicated to say, but you can try it, it may increase your feeling of orgasm.

All these postures will definitely make you feel different. Whether you are bored at home or in a bad mood, try her and you will be cured. Finally, I am a friendly reminder to the owners of sex dolls, please avoid those restricted ranges while trying various poses.