5 Lifelike TPE Adult Sex Dolls With The Most Regional Characteristics For You

More and more dolls of various types are available. However, for many people, choosing between the two is still a challenge. This may not be a big problem for guests with a large budget, but those with a lower budget have difficulty. Sex dolls have various differences in appearance, height, cup size, etc.

The world is composed of various countries, tribes, and cultures, so people will have different characteristics. First, they are most likely to identify people from a certain country by skin color, hair color, and overall body structure.

This article is just a guide to enter the most typical but best sex doll models. Please read the following to learn about girls in different regions.

Factors to consider when buying sex dolls

Issac 158cm C Cup  Sex Dolls

Isaac has deep eyes and a delicate face. With these characteristics, she may have come from Europe.

Isaac is 158cm, C Cup perfect body. In addition to her appearance, her body feels very soft, just like a real person. The vagina, anus, and mouth are designed to be life-size sex dolls with a female function. You can do all kinds of outdoor activities with her at the beach, hotel, garden, etc.

Demi 140cm F Cup Asian Sex Dolls

Demi is one of the young teen sex dolls, and there are many people who like her. This can be considered for those who love young girls. She is committed to providing good service to men. Demi looks innocent on the outside, but few people know that her sexual desire has never weakened.

Beautiful face, sexy body, soft TPE skin, F cup breasts and attractive pussy. Everything is amazing!

Nadia 165cm F Cup Sex Dolls

Nadia is 165cm tall, which is the height most men like. She also has F cup big breasts. We provide some delicious breasts for those who want more "feeding". Can you get maternal love from here? The soft chest of TPE is like a pillow, which is very comfortable. Everyone might want to try to take a break here. She has three-dimensional features, brown eyes,  just like a sexy western lady.

Paisley 160cm Big Boobs Sex Dolls

This is another Asian sex doll with big breasts, Paisley. Compared with Demi, she is a model with a different height and breasts. Paisley is one of our most popular Asian sex dolls, with reddish brown curly hair, fair skin and long legs. Her soft and sexy breasts are easy to hold, massage and suck during the whole process.

We want to say

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