(Newbie Guide) You should understand a real TPE sex doll from these aspects

The Useful Guide for Sex Doll Newbies

With the popularization of sex doll making technology, now we can find the sex doll we like and the price is under $1,000, without the need to use torso dolls or pocket pussy. For customers who have never bought a doll, we have compiled a "Sex Doll Beginner's Guide" to let you know more.

Basic Questions Catalog

      • What is a sex doll?
      • Benefits of sex dolls?
      • The price of sex dolls?
      • Are sex dolls harmful?
      • How to use sex dolls?
      • The material of a sex doll?
      • How to store the sex doll?
      • Is it legal to use sex dolls?
      • The weight of the sex doll?
      • How long is the life span of sex dolls?
      • What should I do if I don’t wanna the sex dolls?

      What is a sex doll?
      Sex dolls on the market are no longer just a single category, as cheap inflatable dolls. Now, sex dolls have internal steel bones and joints that can move flexibly within a restricted range. The appearance is TPE or silicone, and the touch is similar to human skin. The lifelike sex dolls of human size have vagina, anus and mouth. The internal structure design can be compared with real women.

      Benefits of sex dolls?
      The attraction of sex dolls is that they have certain characteristics that are the same as real women. In daily life, you may not find such a perfect girlfriend, and you rarely see such a woman. Her breasts, abdomen and thighs are plump, and there is no excess fat in the whole curve. The golden ratio can be reflected in them. At the same time, doll is also an ideal object to exercise your sexual ability, she will not complain, quarrel. Maybe many people feel that they are only date with women to solve their sexual needs, so sex dolls can well eliminate your worries, and then you can save more time to spend on work or dreams.

      The price of sex dolls
      Due to the existence of many suppliers in the market, it is difficult for us to get a standard price range. Generally, the price of adult-sized sex dolls of famous brands is around US$1500-2500, while the price of small-brand or unbranded sex dolls is US$800-1500. The price is also related to the material, the price of silicone sex dolls may be 3000-4000 US dollars. you can buy from Aliexpress, ebay or some other store.

      Are sex dolls harmful?
      All exported products must comply with international health standards and export or imported products will undergo strict inspections. As long as the manufacturer does not use too many recyclable TPE raw materials, sex dolls are usually harmless to the human body. Of course, TPE dolls may have some smell and oil leakage, but the smell will disappear, and there is no problem with proper care.

      How to use sex dolls?
      Before use, make sure that the place is clean because if the sex doll gets dirty, it is difficult to clean, especially some clothes, which should be washed several times before wearing to ensure that they will not change color. We recommend not to wear dark clothes to avoid staining the skin. Although TPE or silicone materials are very soft, they may not stay smooth forever, so you should use lubricant first.

      You can refer to some pornographic websites and books to make you better play with sex dolls.

      The material of a sex doll?
      Due to the use of TPE or silicone material, it feels as soft as a real person. Some manufacturers will customize the internal skeleton to allow the doll to create more poses. For some breasts, you can also choose different sizes.

      How should I store sex dolls?
      After use, please clean the vagina, mouth and vagina from time to time, and dry it for storage.If you don't use it for a long time, you should store the doll's head and body separately. Hang it around the neck with a hook and hang the body. You can also place it in a storage box and apply talcum powder on the doll.

      Is it legal to use sex dolls?
      Adult-sized sex dolls are legal in most countries/regions, except for some Islamic countries/regions in the Middle East. Mini sex dolls are not completely legal in most countries/regions, but customs usually do not block them. The United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and South Korea have stricter regulations. Generally speaking, adult sex dolls are more than 140cm, while mini sex dolls are less than 140cm.

      The weight of the sex doll?
      There are many styles of sex dolls to choose from. Sex dolls of different heights and body types have different weights. For an ordinary sex doll, her weight is similar to a real person. You should first refer to the weight of the doll to choose what you can bear.

      How long is the life span of sex dolls?
      The lifespan of sex dolls is usually 1-5 years, and then the skin of TPE dolls may crack. During use, you need to pay more attention to the care of the doll's skin, use oil frequently, and avoid skin contact with sharp objects. The specific time is also related to the use and storage frequency of the doll.

      How to deal with sex dolls I don't want?
      If your doll is not badly damaged, you can sell it again through eBay, or forums. For sex dolls that cannot be restored, the best way is to discard them directly. Please do not burn, it will pollute the environment.