Do they say sex dolls are a fetish?

  Taking into account the psychological and sexual needs of humans, these adult dolls have been made more and more realistic, so that some people already feel that they can use the doll as a lifelong companion or look at the doll will also produce sexual fantasies.

The current details of doll manufacturing can also be compared with the real human body, which means that all parts of the body are of the same design.

  • A variety of body to meet the type that everyone likes.
  • Hair: Carefully matched to make the overall look more real.
  • The skin is also made of more realistic materials, which has been able to beat the old version of sex dolls in terms of touch and vision.
  • The visual effects of eyes and face make you feel like you are facing a real woman.

Based on the concept of sexual fetishism, that is, it needs to be evoked through specific real sex objects.It can be said that the excitement or orgasm caused by use with or with sex dolls is a kind of fetish.

The doll world, you can have another view

The reason why sex dolls are called realistic sex dolls or life-size dolls is precisely because the manufacturer has paid attention to various details in the design, which makes the dolls look more like people than objects.

In reality, most sex doll users will try to bring dolls into their lives: for example, drinking coffee together, holding weddings for themselves and dolls, etc., and they can even have a real feeling and infatuation. For these behaviors, this is not It means that the doll has the inability to distinguish reality from fantasy.

I don't think it matters much to agree or disagree with the inclusion of sex dolls in the scope of fetishism. If you really want to divide the scope, then this is too pathological. Anyway, being able to get real satisfaction in your mental is the most important thing.