Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Recommend a few Lifelike Christmas sex dolls for you

You're looking for the best quality Christmas sex doll and want her to celebrate the holiday with you, but don't know where to start? There are so many choices here that you may encounter difficulties. Therefore, we will make a separate list of Christmas dolls and popular products to ensure that you find a satisfactory partner. From price to features, here are our top picks, and they're all fun to watch.

1. Qearl

Looking for an African sex doll? Qearl has an African face, custom-made dolls with big boobs, an incredibly perfect body and slightly darker skin color that are just right. She is 158cm tall, shorter than other women, but she appears very small. As a petite woman, she is more likely to arouse men's desire for protection.

With customization options, you can change her skin color to natural, wheat, black, cup size, etc. Our customized services can make you get the perfect babe.

The price is only $599. Such preferential lets you can afford completely!

2. Lucien

She doesn't have large breasts like other sex dolls, but the modest size of the C Cup makes her more distinctive. If you want her to become an F Cup, then you can do it. She is a sex doll with an Asian face. Attractive body, sweet lips and blurred eyes always convey an invitation to people. Whenever you want to exercise with her, she will be happy. It's important that you don't be fooled by her sweet face, she's a bad girl who likes to be fucked.

Her price tag is $589, and it's worth it to get her. And it can be customized. If you want to change the color of her eyes, you can customize it.

3. Rin

Rin is one of the top 10 most popular women in the US, with an all-European look. The body is soft, with impressively realistic curves, and is made of safe medical-grade TPE. Plus, you're not never allergic to her, so you can play with her. The built-in steel frame allows you to create more poses.

She is 165cm tall. If you are looking for a sex doll of the same height as a normal woman, then she is the ideal choice.

4. Yanira

This is a sex doll with the charm of a mature woman, which can be confirmed in her overall image. Yanira's appearance is different from all sex dolls, and she may not be very popular with some men, but the middle-aged and old people prefer her. Young sex dolls aren't as mature as her, and she's certainly been praised by her customers for her perfect Curves, similar to Kim Kardashian's.

At $1299, she's not that cheap, but she's sure to please you.

5. Renee

If you're obsessed with the perfection of porn stars and want to try out various skills they do best, Renee is one you should consider. She can really give you a leg up. soft breasts and skin can make your dreams come true. This funny girl will make you never want to leave the bedroom. Customize her and make her your personal porn star sex doll.

Her price is $1,280. Take her! Live out your wildest dreams with her!


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