Are you worried about meeting fake sellers when you consider buying sex dolls? Tips for you

In this article, I will mention several ways to tell you how to distinguish between genuine and fake sellers to avoid being deceived. In fact, you can learn how tocorrectly find cheap sex dolls.

How to identify fake sellers?

1. Ultra low price

This does not mean that all cheap sex dolls are fake. First of all, you can browse all the dolls in the website you want to distinguish to know the price. Generally speaking. Different heights will have different prices. Second, you have to focus on the sex doll materials described by the seller. TPE is usually much cheaper than silicone. If you want TPE sex dolls and see lower prices, then this method is not applicable. On the contrary, if you see that the price of silicone sex dolls is comparable to that of TPE dolls, then you need to be cautious. Finally, you can compare the prices of multiple websites to filter out the sellers you think are real.

2. Product description

The description of sex dolls should include height, weight, chest size, arm length, hand length, leg length, vagina depth, anal depth, oral depth and other customized information. Fake sellers usually omit or abbreviate the detailed information of new dolls. Websites lacking product descriptions will actually give people the impression of selling fakes, so this is easier to distinguish.

3. Picture

The picture I'm talking about here refers to a nude picture of a sex doll obtained by the seller. With physical pictures, you can better compare with the sales pictures on the seller's website. It is important to note that as long as the real sellers must be able to provide physical pictures, because they will have their own warehouse. If the seller has a warehouse, this means more security.

4. Payment method

Credit card, Paypal, and bank transfer are the most commonly used payment methods. It is certain that real sellers will definitely support these or one of these payment methods, because this can make customers believe that they are real sellers. For customers, these payment methods are relatively safe, after all, they are related to the bank, and every transaction will be recorded. You should avoid uncommon payment methods, otherwise, if you are really cheated, then the transaction cannot be detected.

5. Seller introduction

You can check the brand development history and company information displayed on the website. Sellers of sex dolls generally include manufacturers and retailers. To be honest, the company of the doll manufacturer is more credible and professional. For example, our company is a manufacturer and self-produces and sells, and we can answer customer questions in a professional manner every time. Our company has independent production department and R&D department,so every customer can get good products and good pre-sales servicefrom us.

Do you already know how to distinguish fake sellers?

You should make a comprehensive judgment on these 5 key points that I have popularized. In general, it is not difficult to distinguish the seller, but it is not easy to find a good-quality and cheap sex doll. I highly recommend everyone to use our sex dolls, the price is favorable, and the quality can be guaranteed. You can contact us if you have any questions.